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ROEMHELD North America 

ROEMHELD North America is responsible for sales and service in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Based in Fenton, Missouri, near St. Louis, with sales representatives in Indianapolis, Detroit, Nashville, Milwaukee and Houston. As well as local distributors throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico. Our employees are responsible for sales, maintenance, and services of the entire ROEMHELD product range. ROEMHELD North America designs and manufactures innovative Power Workholding, Machine Vises, Quick Die & Mold Change, Lifting & Positioning Assembly products, and Zero Point Mounting Systems.


Carr Lane Manufacturing Co. 

Carr Lane Manufacturing provides a large selection of tooling components, clamps, fixturing, and related workholding products for all areas of manufacturing. Based in St. Louis, Missouri USA, Carr Lane makes tooling items for virtually every industry around the globe. Carr Lane Manufacturing delivers consistently high-quality products and is certified ISO 9001-2015. Browse their product catalog to find solutions to your product needs, or contact Carr Lane Mfg. with product questions. 



The Carr Lane - Roemheld Partnership

Our Products

High-Speed Machining. Universally Adaptable.

We sell the highest-quality components for automotive, aerospace, appliance designs, and many other industries that will save you money in the long run.

Machine Vises
 Zero Point Mounting
Power Workholding
Magnetic Clamping Technology
Die Clamping Technology
Die Handling Solutions
Drive, Assembly & Handling Products

Streamline your operations. Speed up your profitability.

Since 1982, ROEMHELD has supplied all of North America with highly engineered customized solutions to fit your shop’s specific needs.  With ROEMHELD automatic die clamping systems, press-working shops experience less downtime, even with

frequent die changes.  Clamping systems for quick mold change enable just-in-time production with greatly reduced mold change times and reduced labor costs. Zero Point Mounting Systems greatly reduce fixturing time, which reduces the average

change over time to just 20 seconds.  Power Workholding devices allow customers faster clamping and faster machining without sacrificing quality.  ROEMHELD Assembly & Handling solutions reduce operator injury and make your assembly line more

ergonomic. To learn more about all the solutions we can provide, please contact us


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