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ROEMHELD by Carr Lane ROEMHELD offers a wide assortment of precision machine vises for nearly any application. Fully hydraulic and hydra-mechanical versions of these vises provide the strong, consistent clamping force required for high-speed machining, and significantly reduce operator fatigue. These robust and durable machine vises offer excellent vibration damping and dimensional stability, as well as leakfree operation with internal hydraulics that deliver clamping forces up to 22,500 lbs. Versatile, compact flexible fixturing systems provide fast action when used individually or in more complex fixtures. These space-saving clamps are available in multiple configurations and sizes suitable for short or long production runs.




NC Series

High Precision Production CNC Machine Vise for use in Semi- or Fully Automatic Operation

  • Hydro-Mechanical or Full Hydraulic Options
  • Optional Clamp Force Indicator
  • Jaw Widths 100mm, 125mm, 160mm
  • Clamp Force 5600 lb – 14,000 lb
  • 0.0004″ Repeatability


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MCP Series


MCP-series 5-axis vises have optimal features to allow unrestricted tool access for multiple-side machining

  • Mechanical or hydraulic clamping
  • Base Width 40mm, 60mm, 100mm, 125mm
  • Standard Clamping or Concentric
  • Base Length 100mm to 320mm
  • Clamp Force 1700 lb to 7850 lb
  • Optimal features for the use on 5-axis-machining
  • Free access to the workpiece, therefore use of short standard tools
  • Simple and robust construction, smooth surfaces, easy cleaning
  • Comprehensive jaw program
  • Ideal for 5-axis machining
  • Designed to accept optional Quintus Mounting System


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SCS Series

The workholding systems SCS are especially advantageous for 5-axis machining.
The compact design allows a good accessibility of the tools to the workpiece.

  • Mechanical clamping
  • Base Width 80mm and 120mm
  • Base Length 200mm and 250mm
  • Clamp Force 5600 lb to 9000 lb
  • Reversible jaws yield clamping ranges from 1/4″ to 6.10″ and 5/16″ to 7.87″
  • Optimal features for the use on 5-axis-machining
  • High degree of freedom for spindle and tools
  • Low risk of collision
  • Well suited for short standard tools
  • Repeatable and controllable clamping forces
  • Jaw with a special grip for maximum holding force (3x as compared with standard jaw)
  • Affordable price; large range of accessories


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Concentric Series

  • Hydraulic actuation
  • Base Width 80mm (on request), 100mm, 125mm, and 160mm
  • Base Length 15.5″ to 24″
  • Clamp Force 3600 lb to 9000 lb
  • High clamping repeatability +/-0,01 mm
  • Constant length and large clamping ranges
  • Any mounting position
  • Possibilities for positioning and fastening customer specific jaws
  • Protection against coolant and swarf by integral wipes in the clamping slides
  • Also available with opening stroke limitation over proximity switch
  • Opening stroke limitation over set-screw
  • Suitable for connection at central lubrication with guiding ways oil VG 68 (Please ask for information)

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CarvesmartTM Vise Jaw System

NEW! Carvesmart System for simplified jaw changes. The patented CARVESMART Quick Change Vise Jaw System is a complete package of dovetailed jaws for production and toolroom vises that are accurately changed in seconds. CARVESMART extruded aluminum soft jaws can be saw cut to any length. See the video!

  • CLAMP NUTS: 1018 steel with QPQ surface treatment. QPQ is wear and corrosion resistant. It also adds fatigue strength and lubrication to the surface. Smooth as silk.
  • SPEED SCREWS: Black oxide, alloy steel differential screw. The RH/LHsimiltaneous travel moves at twice the speed of a standard single lead screw. It lifts and pulls the clamp nut on to the dovetail without gauling.
  • SMARTstopTM is an internal to the jaw set, slot and pin system for jobs that repeat. SMARTstopped front loading jaws will relocate +/-0.0003″.
  • Extruded jaw stock can be cut to any length from 1/2″ to 94″ available in five profiles.
  • Fully accessorized with dovetailed hard jaws, 1018 and ductile cast iron jaws.


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Machine vices and systems for horizontal machining

single and multiple clamping systems
mechanically, mechanically/hydraulically or hydraulically operated





TS Tri-Star Vise

Tower clamping system TS 80 TriStar

with 3 clamping sides, arrangement 3 x 120° – for max. 6 workpieces – mechanically operated – with 3rd-hand function – jaw width: 80 mm – max. clamping force: 20 kN at 45 Nm – stroke: 2 x 30 mm – max. jaw openings: – 1 x 172 mm, 2 x 61/87 mm – overall height: 248 mm – with aluminium base plate Ø 160 mm – without clamping jaws – as per data sheet WS 4.3302



TS Vise

Tower workholding system TS

with 4 clamping sides, arrangement 4 x 90° – for max. 8 workpieces – mechanically operated – with 3rd-hand function – jaw width: 100 mm – max. clamping force: 25 kN at 55 Nm – stroke: 2 x 44 mm – max. jaw openings: – 1 x 343 mm, 2 x 156 mm – overall height: 562 mm – with aluminium base plate 400 x 400 mm – without clamping jaws – as per data sheet WS 4.3301



SCT System

Tower clamping system SCT

with 4 clamping sides, arrangement 4 x 90° – clamping against the fixed jaw – mechanically operated – jaw width: 80 mm – max. clamping force: 25 kN at 60 Nm – repetitive clamping accuracy: ± 0.01 mm – Stroke: 59 mm – max. jaw opening: 165 mm – overall height: 279 mm – base plate: 300 x 300 mm – without clamping jaws – as per data sheet WS 4.5500



Torque wrench

torque: 5 – 60 Nm – with reversible ratchet and square 1/2″ – with ball lock – as per data sheet WS 4.330-Z




Carr Lane ROEMHELD has a wide assortment of CNC machine vises for nearly any application. Find the best vise here for your specific needs.


NEW! MCP Vise Series

NEW! Carvesmart Vise Jaw System

NC Series 

MCP Series

SCS Series