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Welcome to ROEMHELD North America

Engineered to perform, Engineered to last.

ROEMHELD designs and manufactures innovative Power Workholding Systems, CNC Machine Vises, Die Clamping & Handling Technology, Magnetic Clamping Systems, Lifting & Positioning Assembly products, and Zero Point Mounting Systems.

Machine Vise Systems
Designed to hold workpieces
Zero Point Clamping Systems
Reduce fixturing set up time
Power Workholding Systems
Faster clamping, faster machining
Hydraulic Power Units
Provide a hydraulic power source
Magnetic Clamping Systems
Speed up your mold change
Die Clamping Technology
Shorten your die change time
Die Handling Solutions
Move dies with ease and efficiency
Assembly & Handling Technology
Make your assembly line ergonomic




The Carr Lane ROEMHELD Mfg. Co. is a joint venture that was formed in 1982 to deliver and support the broad portfolio of ROEMHELD Power Workholding products to the North American precision metal cutting industry. This partnership unites ROEMHELD GmbH, a German global leader of highly engineered power workholding solutions, with Carr Lane Manufacturing, America’s premier tooling component supplier.

Together we provide highly engineered solutions for Power Workholding, Zero Point Mounting & CNC Vises for Precision Metal Cutting, Assembly & Handling Technology, and Hydraulic & Magnetic Die Clamping Systems for Quick Mold and Die Changes. Let ROEMHELD help give you a Lean Manufacturing Process, and enjoy the benefits of reduced lead times, reduced operating costs, and improved product quality. Contact us today to learn how we can help you. 



Latest News
Sensor clamping technology detects defective blanks and monitors production.

BY: ROEMHELD Gruppe  ROEMHELD Gruppe collaborating with partner AUGUST WENZLER MASCHINENBAU GmbH on new sensory clamping device concept. For machining of workpieces to perform efficiently, the focus is often on optimizing the machining equipment and the clamping device used with its clamping elements. There are many influencing variables, but the initial situation is largely determined…

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