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Case History
Appeared in the May 2015 issue of Assembly Magazine

Trek uses modular units in its painting and finishing department.

High quality custom painting and graphics are key to the popularity of Trek bicycles, and Carr Lane Roemheld helped the company provide ergonomic workstations for this process. Modular lifting columns are utilized to lift bicycle parts, enabling detailed applications by hand. Carr Lane Roemheld worked on the installation with Project One Paint Manager Craig Haley, who has been employed by Trek for 30+ years.

Trek Bicycle Corporation started in 1976 as a five man operation in a red barn in Waterloo, Wisconsin, and has grown to a billion dollar company. “Quality is always first with us,” said Craig. “We offer options not available from other manufacturers. Customers may choose from a virtually limitless array of colors and graphics, including ‘nuclear’ colors, multi-color fades, animal theme graphics, and more. Talented people with great equipment are key to providing the cutting edge excellence that Trek customers have come to expect.”

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Besides the lifting unit, modular units from Carr Lane Roemheld are available for tilting as well as horizontal and vertical rotating of workpieces, with hydromechanical or electric operation. The units can be combined in numerous ways for safe and efficient handling and movement of heavy loads. They can be used for enhanced productivity in conjunction with carts, floor modules, plates, clamps, or height adjustable tables.

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