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Roemheld provides an assortment of products to meet your assembly and handling needs. Maximize your productivity, and easily control or move items in your specific applications. Combine our modular units to lift, tilt, rotate or move your assembly products. All modules listed can be used individually, since they are independent functional units. In addition, all modules which are in one common on top of each other can be combined to multi-functional units.


Lifting Modules

Lifting Modules effect a guided, translational movement in the vertical axis. The lifting movement is power supported by a hydraulic or electrical actuator against the weight of the work piece to be moved. The lowering movement is defined lowering by use of the weight.
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Rotating and Tilting Modules

The rotating and tilting module give horizontal or reversible swivel movement of the axis.
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Cart and Floor Modules

Cart modules offer the possibility to displace manually individual modules or  module combinations with workpieces. Floor modules compensate unevenness of the floor place and guarantee high stability.
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Table and Clamping Modules

With clamping module products for manual assembly operations are easily and reliably positioned, fixed and clamped.
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