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Roemheld by Carr Lane Roemheld provides an assortment of assembly and handling equipment to reduce operator injury and make your assembly line more ergonomic such as industrial lifting columns, that can be combined into workstations, linear actuators, or workpiece positioners. Maximize your productivity, and easily control or move items in your specific applications. Combine our lifting columns to lift, tilt, rotate or move your assembly products. All columns listed can be used individually, since they are independent functional units. Learn more & browse products.

Linear Actuators

Roemheld’s wide-ranging Linear Actuator systems offered in electric or hydraulic, provide superior maximum lifting force and linear motion for a wide range of industries. Browse products.
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Lifting Columns

Roemheld’s sturdy line of industrial lifting columns provide safe and precise handling with simple foot-pedal operation. Choose from manual or hydraulic lifting columns in the online catalog.
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Rotating and Tilting Modules

Roemheld rotating and tilting modules can be combined with lifting columns to give horizontal or reversible swivel movement of the axis.
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Cart and Floor Modules

Roemheld cart modules can be combined together with lifting columns, and rotating and tilting modules to make a complete assembly station. They offer the possibility to replace manual individual modules or module combinations with workpieces. Floor modules compensate unevenness of the floor place and guarantee high stability.
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Table and Clamping Modules

Roemheld table and clamping module products can be combined together with lifting columns, tilting and rotating modules, and floor and cart modules to complete a full assembly workstation. Manual assembly operations are easily and reliably positioned, fixed and clamped.
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Workpiece Positioner

Roemheld product Centrick is a rotating and tilting manipulator that drastically reduces assembly tice and features an ergonomic, space saving designThe center of gravity on the Centrick positioner is nearly stationary. Products up to 4,400 lbs can be tilted 90° and rotated 360°.
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