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  • ROEMHELD at the EMO focuses on digitalisation and automation of processes
  • Clamping elements with digitalised stroke measurement and integrated sensor technology
  • Fair novelty: STARK robot gripper with media supply and zero point clamping system

The ROEMHELD Group will focus this year’s EMO presentation on digitalisation and automation. The innovations include a series of clamping elements with integrated electrical stroke measurement. New sizes of fully electrical swing clamps as well as the zero point clamping systems STARK.connect and STARK.airtec with fully integrated sensor technology.

Also, the first STARK robot gripper with zero point clamping system for automated pallet change even on machine tables without their own media supply will celebrate its trade fair premiere.

On display for the first time is a pneumatic swing clamp whose clamping force is maintained in the case of a pressure drop. The ROEMHELD Group will be presenting all new products and a selection from its comprehensive product range for clamping technology in Hall 4, Stand E 54.

Electrical stroke control for clamping elements

For the digitalisation of clamping elements, ROEMHELD has developed a compact electrical stroke measurement which is already integrated in several products. It can be used to monitor the entire stroke range in steps of tenths of a millimetre. This enables the clamping element, for example, to detect different workpiece heights. The measured data is passed on to a higher-level control.

New eccentric bore clamps for machining on 5 sides   

For space-saving axial clamping and positioning, ROEMHELD shows a new series of eccentric bore clamps. Thanks to their slim design, the elements can be placed very close to the contour of the workpiece. The eccentric arrangement of the clamping segment also improves the accessibility of the component.For space-saving axial clamping and positioning, ROEMHELD shows a new series of
eccentric bore clamps. (Photo: ROEMHELD).

Thanks to its slim design, the eccentric bore clamp can be placed very close to the workpiece contour. The bore size can be easily adjusted using easily exchangeable clamping bushings, while the clamping element remains in its fixture. Also, the height of the support can be adapted: if the bore edges are lower than the rest of the support surface, different sizes are available. The support face will be cleaned with blast air, if required. 

With the new pneumatic swing clamp, a newly developed mechanical locking system ensures that the clamping force is maintained even when the pressure drops and that the workpiece remains safely in its position.

New sizes of electrical swing clamps

In addition to innovations, the expansion of existing model series expands the ROEMHELD range of digitalised clamping technology. For example, the series of electrical swing clamps for clamping workpieces where the clamping points for loading and unloading the fixture must be free has been extended by two sizes. The clamping element is ideal for use in non-hydraulic environments and in automated systems or when the clamping force is to be maintained after disconnection from the power supply.

Pneumatic swing clamp maintains clamping force even when the pressure drops

If clamping forces in the range of 400 N are sufficient, the pneumatic swing clamp with force intensification is suitable for clamping fixtures with automated loading and unloading. The new mechanical locking system ensures that the clamping force is maintained in the case of a pressure drop. A pneumatic function control makes it possible to query the unclamped piston position. This function to make loading and unloading of the clamping device safer. For dry machining or minimum quantity lubrication, the wiper can be protected from adhering small particles by an additional wiper ring.


STARK.connect and STARK.airtec with fully integrated sensor technology

The zero point clamping systems STARK.connect and STARK.airtec are equipped with a fully integrated sensor technology. The sensor system differentiates between the clamping states “clamped without retractable nipple”, “retractable nipple clamped” and “unclamped”. All signals are forwarded to a PLC control via PNP outputs. In addition, the clamping status is indicated by LEDs on the back of the elements.

Both quick-clamping systems clamp and unclamp pneumatically and are characterized by compact designs, very short clamping and unclamping times and high clamping forces. They are used wherever workpieces, fixtures, pallets and machine elements are to be connected safely, quickly, automatically and reproducibly with machine tools, robots and manipulators. STARK.connect and STARK.airtec are extremely insensitive and even suitable for environments with welding robots, e.g. for flexible and automated production in body-in-white.

STARK.connect with active retraction and compensation

STARK.connect excels by a floating holder with active retraction, which guarantees an optimum flat face contact of the workpiece. Its unique design allows the retractable nipple to be retracted and extended at an angle. In the event of changes to the workpiece, for example, due to a temperature change, the clamping mechanism can move sideways. Thanks to the compensation mechanism, the STARK.connect can compensate position errors of up to 1.5 mm. The retractable nipple is retracted automatically and with high force. Within half a second the system is clamped mechanically and self-locking with springs and pneumatically force amplified.

 STARK.airtec – the alternative without active retraction

STARK.airtec, which is also equipped with an electronic monitoring system, is ideal for applications in which an active feed is not required. The system offers holding forces of 20 kN and very short clamping and unclamping times from 0.2 s. The STARK.airtec is also extremely sturdy and can be operated maintenance-free for at least 2 million clamping cycles.

Robot gripper with media supply and zero point clamping system

The new STARK robot gripper with its own media supply and matching zero point clamping system enables automated pallet changes even on machines without their own media supply. The hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical supplies required for unclamping and clamping operations are transferred via a multiple coupling integrated into the pallet gripper. This makes this innovation suitable for retrofitting without any problems.




Roemheld GmbH is a market leader in hydraulic power workholding for metal-cutting production. Established more than 300 years ago, today Roemheld employs approximately 300 employees at its location in Laubach/Hessen in Germany. With subsidiaries in Great Britain, France, Japan, and South Korea as well as numerous sales partners, Roemheld GmbH guarantees efficient sales and extensive service for its customers worldwide.

For more information on the history of this 300-year-old company, view the company’s timeline here.

About Carr Lane Roemheld:

Established in 1982, Carr Lane Roemheld Company (CLRH) is a joint venture that unites the Old World craftmanship of Roemheld GmbH, a top German workholding manufacturer, with Carr Lane Manufacturing, America’s premier tooling component supplier. Based in St. Louis, Carr Lane Roemheld stocks, sells, and services Roemheld GmbH’s product lines, including Roemheld Power Workholding, Hilma Vises, Hilma Quick Die & Mold Change, and Roemheld Lifting and Positioning products, through all of North America. Learn more at