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ROEMHELD provides RIVI M-TECS magnetic clamping plates for different industry sectors, including thermoplastics, elastomers, duroplastics, polyurethane, die casting, and metal forming. The systems include square or long pole technology providing M-TECS power concentration and are resistant to high temperatures up to 464°F help you achieve a Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED).

Safe in Power Failure

With Rivi Magnetics magnetic clamping systems, the molds are magnetically clamped or unclamped at the touch of a button within a few seconds.

Since permanent magnets generate the force of the magnetic clamping plates, electric clamping is only required to magnetize the plates. The magnetic clamping plates are de-energized in clamped condition and thus absolutely safe in a power failure.

The complete clamping cycle is monitored by different sensors, thus guaranteeing reliable mold clamping.

All Rivi Magnetics magnetic clamping systems carry the CE mark.


  • Standardized molds are not required
  • Shorter downtimes, lower setup costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Clamping in barely accessible positions without any problems
  • No reduced clamping surfaces
  • Process monitoring and, thus, absolute safety
  • Clamping force on the complete surface of the mold
  • Clamping with no deformation of the base plate
  • Reduced maintenance costs
Magnet clamping system for an injection moulding machine




M-TECS Magnetic Clamping Technology

Rivi Magnetics Magnetic clamping systems for all clamping tasks on injection molding machines, forming presses, rubber presses, and mold carriers.
Rivi Magnetic Clamping Systems M-TECS M

9.1132 | METAL

Rivi Magnetic Clamping Systems M-TECS M for temperatures up to 248 °F
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Rivi Magnetic Clamping Systems M-TECS P

9.1134 | PLASTIC

Rivi Magnetic Clamping Systems M-TECS P for temperatures up to 356°C
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Rivi Magnetic Clamping Systems M-TECS R

9.1136 | RUBBER

Rivi Magnetic Clamping Systems M-TECS R for temperatures up to 464 °F
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9.5660 | M1C/M2C

Electric Control M1C / M2Cfor Rivi magnetic clamping systems M-TECS
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90% reduction in mold changeover times

Magnetic clamping systems offer a revolutionary solution to the shortcomings of traditional mechanical and hydraulic systems in injection mold machines.

Unlike mechanical systems, which lack the ability to halt the machine in case of faults, and hydraulic systems, which are susceptible to power failures and require regular maintenance, magnetic clamping systems provide a reliable and fail-safe alternative.

The magnetic force ensures uniform clamping over the entire mold surface, particularly at the center, enhancing mold rigidity and product consistency. Mold change cycles are significantly shortened, with a remarkable 90% reduction in mold changeover times, thanks to the simplicity and efficiency of the magnetic clamping mechanism.

Additionally, the absence of moving or wearing parts eliminates the need for maintenance, offering an economic advantage over traditional systems with substantial labor and replacement costs.

The flexibility of magnetic clamping accommodates various mold sizes and shapes without the need for modifications, making it a versatile and efficient choice for injection mold machines.



Let’s Collaborate! 

In addition to our magnetic clamping systems, we also offer a wide range of accessories and support services to help customers get the most out of their investments. This includes technical support, training, and on-site assistance to ensure that our customers can fully utilize our magnetic clamping systems’ capabilities.



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Magnetics for O-Ring Production

The magnetic clamping systems are perfectly suited for the production of O-rings.

The full surface dynamic effect enhanced the rigidity of the dies. The full-surface contact between the die and the magnetic page (magnetic heating plate) increases temperature homogeneity, which has a positive effect on production quality.

Die change is a matter of just a few minutes. M-TECS magnetic plates can be fitted to existing heating plates or supplied with integral heating.

Magnetics for Large Machines

M-TECS provides abundant power for large machines.

A plate of 2000x1000mm (78.74″x39.37″), for instance, will yield up to 1000 kN (100 tons).

The image shows a 500-ton vertical press with a machine bed 2000x1000mm (78.74×39.37″)

Application temperatures up to 240°C (464°F)

Upon request, this value may be either increased or reduced to suit specific requirements.

Magnetics on Small Machines

The M-TECS concentration effect is of benefit, especially for small dies.

The magnetic heating plate has a size of 300x300mm (11.81×11.81″).  It is used when dies with a diameter greater than 120mm (4.72″) are clamped. Excellent power, even for the smallest application.

Magnetics on Machines Without Crossbeam

  • Freely selectable geometry
  • As an option with integral heating
  • Heating control using the press controls
  • Two-layer insulation toward the machine bed
  • Uncomplicated and easy installation

The magnetic clamping systems may be universally used and are very flexible in terms of design. Horizontal and vertical installation in machines with or without cross beam, with integral heating or fitted to existing heating plates. Dies for the production of O-rings are mostly flat, and their rigidity is, in most cases, clearly enhanced when using magnetic plates. The penetration depth is only 15 – 20 mm (.59-.79 inches).

Brushes or metal inserts are not impaired by the magnetic field.

Magnetics on Vertical IM Presses

For vertical machines with a small heating plate, the following factors play a major role:

  • Max. power on a small surface
  • Integral safety system
  • Interface with the machine
  • M-TECS magnetic clamping systems offer outstanding power even on the smallest surfaces.

The M-TECS 240 system is designed with a double magnet and offers an outstanding concentration of the magnetic field thanks to the patented long pole technology.

Therefore, maximum safety can be achieved by selecting a magnetic clamping system to perfectly suit the machine.

Magnetics for Elastomer Processing

With M-TECS 240, you gain several hours at each die change.


  • Reduced set-up times
  • No heating or cooling down in the press
  • Dies are clamped in a matter of seconds simply by pressing a button
  • Increased annual machine capacity

Safety & comfort

  • 100% safe even in the case of power failure
  • Complete with safety system
  • Shorter time in the hot area, fewer burns


  • Full metal surface
  • All-over magnetic force, therefore, optimum contact of die and magnetic heating plate
  • No insulating T-slots
  • Enhanced temperature homogeneity in the mold
  • Less die wear
  • Less rejects