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ROEMHELD manufactures highly engineered workholding solutions used to secure parts in CNC machining.

Our power workholding devices allow users faster clamping and faster machining without sacrificing quality. Power workholding devices such as those offered by ROEMHELD offer significant advantages over manual clamping, including remote clamp operation, reduced operator fatigue, automatic sequencing, compactness, and increased machine-tool capacity.

Hydraulic workholding solutions from ROEMHELD include a variety of power clamps such as Swing Clamps and Extending Clamps as well as Threaded Cylinders, Block Cylinders, Power Work Supports, Fixture Clamps, Vises, Hydraulic power sources & valves as well as a full line of fittings and accessories. Learn more about the full line of power workholding solutions offered by ROEMHELD below.



Vises & Concentric Clamping

ROEMHELD concentric clamping and workholding CNC vise products include the MCP-Series, SCS Series, and NC Series. The MCP-Series includes 5-Axis, concentric, and flexible workholding vises, which allow for unrestricted tool access for multiple-side machining.    
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Swing Clamps

ROEMHELD’s swing clamps come in 5 varieties including mini, compact, standard, robust, and air powered. We also offer a variety of swing clamp accessories. Each swing clamp-type has a variety of different clamps to meet your machining needs. Browse our large variety of swing clamps here.
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Extending Clamps

ROEMHELD’s extending clamps have a sturdy lever mechanism that pivots into clamping position. Our extending clamps are available in a variety of clamps including compact clamps, hinge clamps, slide pivot clamps, flat clamps, block extending clamps, and low-block edge clamps. Each category of clamp has the sizes and finishes to fit your machining needs.  
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Threaded Cylinders

ROEMHELD has a large selection of threaded cylinders. All cylinders come in a wide range of sizes with mounting and fluid supply options. Each threaded insert is manufactured with steel and has a black oxide finish. Browse our large selection of threaded cylinders below.
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Block Cylinders

Hydraulic Block Cylinders made by ROEMHELD provide a compact design that is easy to mount on flat surfaces, horizontally or vertically. These hydraulic block cylinders are excellent for punching, pressing, and assembly operations, with very high forces available. Hydraulic Block Cylinders are available in a wide range of sizes with many mounting and fluid-supply options.…
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Fixture Clamps

Machining Fixture Clamps are extremely compact, high-precision power vises designed to be incorporated into workholding fixtures. Unlike standard vises, Fixture Clamps do not have a leadscrew for adjustment – instead of using exchangeable, machinable clamping jaws that must be custom-sized for the workpiece. ROEMHELD fixture clamps are available in two sizes, 40mm and 65mm jaw…
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Work Supports

Hydraulic Work Supports automatically adjust to the proper height for supporting a workpiece, then lock securely to become fixed rests. The support plunger on these pneumatic work supports is held by a precision sliding-fit pressure sleeve that provides incredible accuracy and repeatability. The hydraulic work support types shown below are available in spring-extended, fluid-advanced, and…
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ROEMHELD’s coupling products help separate and connect hydraulic lines for zero-point, machining, robotics, and plastic molding applications. They are single coupling elements and multi-couplings for transmission of hydraulic oil, compressed air, and vacuum. Browse our selection of couplings here.
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