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Jean Müller, the global leader in developing and manufacturing electrical energy distribution, control, and measurement components, has announced a new system for die changing that will make their production process more efficient. 

Jean Müller, which produces over 40,000 different electrical energy components, had been searching for a new transport cart for their heavy punching tools but found that none of the solutions on the market met all their requirements. They eventually found the perfect partner in ROEMHELD, a specialist in set-up time optimization, and together they developed a customized die changing system consisting of a rack system and a lifting cart with an integrated docking system and radio remote control. 

The heart of the system is ROEMHELD’s RWA 4000 die changing cart, which can hold up to 4 tons and has a die changing table with integrated hydraulic ball bars and a pull-push system that automatically inserts the dies onto the press bed. The hydraulic balls on the table of the changing cart are lowered to secure the die during transport, and the cart can be controlled via a central control panel on the drawbar or with a remote control. 


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The complete system includes two rack systems with eight die places, specially developed by ROEMHELD, to store frequently used dies close to the machine. The system is equipped with a special safety docking system and roller conveyors, making it easy to move and position the dies precisely on all surfaces. 

Michael Gensecke, team leader for metal pre-products at Jean Müller, said, “We wanted the best solution, not the fastest solution, and we found it with ROEMHELD. We planned and coordinated a lot, and also had some special requests. In the end, everything worked out well.” 

Andreas Reich, CEO of ROEMHELD, said, “We are pleased that we were able to implement additional requirements for the rigidity of the racks, the approach of the cart, and the securing systems quickly and to JEAN MÜLLER’s satisfaction.” 

The new system will enable Jean Müller to set up their presses quickly and safely, improving their productivity and allowing them to continue to innovate and grow. 

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