WZ 8.8910

Rack Systems

for Die Storage


  • Safe, force-saving, and wear-free die storage
  • Time-saving die change
  • High level of safety due to docking station and semi-automatic, secured front bars or safety bolts as fall protection on the front side
  • Optimum transfer height into the rack system and changing carts
  • Optimized for ROEMHELD die-changing carts

Rack systems with special roller conveyors or ball tables enable the user to change heavy dies safely, with less effort, and in less time. Mounted docking hooks or bars on the rack system enable precise positioning and safe docking on the rack system. An additional mechanical safety bolt or bar is automatically activated after docking to prevent dies from rolling out unintentionally after they have been stored. Design and further technical details in the project and according to customer-specific requirements.

The die-changing cart is hooked into the docking hooks or front bar at the front of the rack. The safety bar or bolt is only lowered by successfully docking to the front of the rack. The table on the die changing cart is equipped with ball inserts or ball bars that facilitate manual or semi-automatic die insertion. The rack system can be equipped with roller conveyors or ball tables. When the die-changing cart leaves, the docking hooks, safety bars, or bolts on the rack system are activated, and the die is secured against falling out.

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