WZ 8.8902

Die Changing Cart – RWA

Electrical Drive with Electro-hydraulic Lifting Platform


  • safe and gentle die transport of heavy dies
  • time-saving die change
  • integrated die changing table with hydraulic ball bars
  • high safety by docking bars and lowerable ball bars
  • protection against dies falling by removable side bars
  • simple and central operation with multi-functional drawbar
  • multi-function display on the drawbar
  • robust vehicle technology
  • modular design with standard drive



Available in max die weight of 1600kg.

The die changing cart RWA is an electrically driven walking and lifting cart, especially equipped for the transport and the change of dies. The electro-hydraulic lifting platform is designed as die changing table with integrated hydraulic ball bars, which facilitate the manual insertion of the dies onto the press table.


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