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Reduce fixturing setup time up to 90 percent with the revolutionary technology of Zero Point Mounting Systems by ROEMHELD Stark. Our systems allow you to connect fixtures to machine tables in seconds with precision. Existing fixtures can be easily adapted to the system, which allows for fast payback, longer fixture life, and highly accurate positioning and repeatability. Learn how you can integrate a zero point system in your shop today. 


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Product Highlights 

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STARK easy click 

push-in clamping process, mechanical closing clamp.

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STARK basic 

compact design with high clamping forces.



STARK classic 1 

clamp mechanically / release hydraulically

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STARK classic 2

clamp mechanically / release hydraulically

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STARK metec 

enables straightforward & economical zero point mounting solutions –

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STARK sweeper 

for vertical or horizontal clamping positions


STARK etec 

Self-locking – safe in case of power failure, High insertion forces (7 kN)

STARK hydratec 

clamp/release hydraulically, pneumatic mount control

STARK airtec 

very short clamping and release time – 0.2sec.

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STARK system 3000

continuously adjustable clamping force.

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Drop Zero

completely machine a workpiece in one setup.

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STARK connect 

double-action pneumatic w/ clamping force boost

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What is Zero Point Clamping? 

A zero-point clamping system is a system that allows you to clamp parts with accuracy, speed, ease, and flexibility using retractable nipples and fast-closing clamps. Zero-point clamping systems from ROEMHELD can be operated hydraulically, pneumatically, electrically or mechanically. The zero-point clamping system helps to optimize set-up times and reduce machine downtimes, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the machining time for workpieces. By using a zero-point clamping system, the machining time for the workpieces on the machine can be used to set up further pallets outside the machine while the machine is running.  The zero-point clamping system reaches a level of accuracy of up to 0.003 mm and can achieve a clamping force of up to 52,000 N.

What are the benefits of the Zero Point Clamping System?

This comprehensive system utilizes clamping components and insertion nipples, which provide an immediate zero-point orientation, allowing faster and more accurate fixture set up and changes. ROEMHELD systems help you position and mount machined parts with precision, speed & ease. You can also expect: 

• Reduce set up time by as much as 90% with zero point mounting
• Existing fixtures can be easily adapted
• Fast payback
• Increased productivity
• Set-up times slashed
• Fixture life extended
• Highly accurate positioning and repeatability

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