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Reduce fixturing setup time by up to 90 percent


Existing fixtures can be easily adapted to the system, which allows for fast payback, longer fixture life, and highly accurate positioning and repeatability.


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What are the benefits of a Zero-Point System?

aReduce setup times up to 90% => no more indicating

aLights out or unmanned production is possible

aMaximize spindle up time => means you can increase throughput without having to buy more machines.

aReduced setup time and costs = increased competitiveness

aStandardized set-up processes => can use ZPS across the manufacturing floor from machining to QC to assembly and welding

aIncreased part quality and less scrap

aBatches can be interrupted at any time to accommodate a rush order.



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What is Zero-Point Clamping?

A zero-point clamping system by ROEMHELD Stark is a quick change system that allows you to clamp parts with accuracy, speed, and flexibility using retractable nipples and fast-closing clamps. It allows you to connect fixtures to machine tables in seconds with precision. Existing fixtures can be easily adapted to the system, which allows for fast payback, longer fixture life, and highly accurate positioning and repeatability.  


What is the accuracy of Zero-Point Clamping?

ROEMHELD Stark’s Zero-Point Systems reach an accuracy of up to 0.003 mm and can achieve a clamping force of up to 52,000 N. They can be operated hydraulically, pneumatically, electrically, or mechanically.


What is the difference between a conventional setup and a Zero-Point system setup?

With a conventional setup, you must position the vise via mounting bolts, align, take measurements through a dial indicator (if the vise is not square on the table), adjust the vise if measurements are incorrect, and repeat this until you get the measurements you need. Then, you can finish tightening down your bolts.  


With zero-point clamping, you can eliminate this time-consuming setup.

The zero-point gets similarly mounted on the table above, but you only do it once. Once mounted, your machine vise or fixture can be mounted directly on top of the zero-point. Now, you can drop your workpiece in and go. The zero-point does all the clamping and positioning for you, reducing setup times by up to 90%. Furthermore, if a rush order comes in you can easily interrupt what is currently being machined and later reload the part back into the machine without losing accuracy.



Do you have to use a vise or chuck with a Zero-Point System?

When it comes to zero-point workholding systems, you do not always have to use a machine vise or chuck. Our systems give the option to attach the zero-point nipple directly to the workpiece itself, either to a sacrificial material that is removed in the secondary option or by bolting it to an existing threaded hole. A clamping stud will attach directly to the part, allowing the least-intrusive fixturing possible. This utilizes a floating zero-point chuck that “finds” the position of the fourth support, effectively eliminating the distortion that commonly occurs when clamping thin-wall parts. 



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Zero-Point Systems

STARK easy click 

push-in clamping process, mechanical closing clamp.

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STARK basic 

compact design with high clamping forces.

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STARK classic 1 

clamp mechanically / release hydraulically

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STARK classic 2

clamp mechanically / release hydraulically

Watch a video!

STARK metec 

enables straightforward zero point mounting solutions 

Watch a video!

STARK sweeper 

for vertical or horizontal clamping positions

Watch a video!

STARK etec 

Self-locking in case of power failure, high insertion forces 

Watch a video!

STARK hydratec 

clamp/release hydraulically, pneumatic mount control

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STARK airtec 

very short clamping and release time – 0.2sec.

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STARK system 3000

continuously adjustable clamping force.

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Drop Zero

completely machine a workpiece in one setup.

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STARK connect 

double-action pneumatic w/ clamping force boost

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Application Examples


Coupling unit with STARK easyclick

Easiest connection for several hydraulic & pneumatic lines


Milling Machine with STARK easyclick elements