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MCP-series 5-axis vises have optimal features to allow unrestricted tool access for multiple-side machining. The MCP series is a further refinement of our high-precision MC vise series. These new vises combine a very compact, fully enclosed design with a patented sliding-jaw segment design. Thanks to the adjusting spindle arranged in the upper part of the housing, deformation in the base during clamping is reduced to a minimum, providing high rigidity of the entire workholding system. The patented segment design ensures a high degree of precision and stability, reducing guiding clearance to nearly zero.
Manufactured in Germany, MCP vises from Carr Lane Roemheld are made of the finest-quality construction, with a special cast steel base for excellent rigidity, dimensional stability, and durability. All sides are hardened and ground, providing a basis for maximum precision.

MCP Vise styles include:

Fixed Jaw MCP Vise

The standard fixed-jaw version has one fixed jaw, and one moving jaw that clamps against it. Available in the sizes shown below:

Part Number Jaw Width Operation Vise Name
CLRH-9-4581-0101 40mm Mechanical MCP-40
CLRH-9-4583-0101 60mm Mechanical MCP-60
CLRH-9-4583-0201 60mm Hydraulic MCP-60H
CLRH-9-4585-0101 100mm Mechanical MCP-100
CLRH-9-4585-0201 100mm Hydraulic MCP-100H
CLRH-9-4586-0101 125mm Mechanical MCP-125
CLRH-9-4586-0201 125mm Hydraulic MCP-125H


Concentric Clamping MCP Vise

Z-series MCP vises are dimensionally similar to the standard fixed-jaw version, but incorporate our precision self-centering mechanism. Concentric vises have two moving jaws that provide clamping at the exact center of the rotary table. Available in the sizes shown below:

Part Number Jaw Width Operation Vise Name
CLRH-9-4581-0301 40mm Mechanical MCP-40Z
CLRH-9-4583-0301 60mm Mechanical MCP-60Z
CLRH-9-4583-0401 60mm Hydraulic MCP-60ZH
CLRH-9-4585-0301 100mm Mechanical MCP-100Z
CLRH-9-4585-0401 100mm Hydraulic MCP-100ZH
CLRH-9-4586-0301 125mm Mechanical MCP-125Z
CLRH-9-4586-0401 125mm Hydraulic MCP-125ZH
CLRH-9-4586-0601 125mm Mechanical MCP-125ZH Compact Base


Position-Flexible Clamping MCP Vise

ZB-series MCP vises are concentric position-flexible vises with two moving jaws that provide a floating clamping point that adjusts to the workpiece before locking, to prevent deformation. When turning the clamping spindle, the two clamping slides first concentrically approach the workpiece. After the first clamping jaw reaches the workpiece, only the second clamping jaw moves until both jaws are in contact with the workpiece. Only then is clamping force applied to the workpiece and clamping position fixed. Available in the the sizes shown below:

Part Number Jaw Width Operation Vise Name
CLRH-9-4583-0701 60mm Mechanical MCP-60ZB
CLRH-9-4585-0701 100mm Mechanical MCP-100ZB
CLRH-9-4586-0701 125mm Mechanical MCP-125ZB


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