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ROEMHELD’s Hydraulic clamping power units or clamping pumps are designed for hydraulic clamping. They are supplied as compact units ready for connection: complete with a motor, pump, reservoir, connector block, pressure gauge, pressure switch, solenoid valves, and, on request, electrical control systems. These power units operate in energy-saving intermittent mode with automatic pressure monitoring, so when the pressure switch is reached, the motor switches off automatically. If pressure drops below 10% of the set value, the pressure switch causes the motor to start up again. Using the version with machine safety, the machine is stopped, if the clamping pressure falls by more than 15 %.


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Hydraulic Power Unit Series 7.1600 





These power units are especially suitable for the operation of small to medium-sized hydraulic clamping fixtures. 2 clamping circuits for single or double-acting cylinders are available, that can be controlled independently of each other. Thereby also “shuttle machining” is possible, i.e. that during machining of the workpiece in one fixture, workpiece change on the second fixture can be made.

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Power Units in Modular Design 7.1800 






For the operation of hydraulic clamping fixtures and other handling and clamping systems on machine tools. The power units of this series consist of individual modules that are selected depending on the application and are assembled on the basis of a type code to a power unit ready for use.

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Hydraulic Clamping Pump 8.800 

Compact hydraulic pump with hand lever or foot pedal for pumping and releasing. Due to the metallic seal on the pump piston, the pump is almost wear-free. The hydraulic pump is delivered completely assembled, including the filling with hydraulic oil HLP32 as a ready-for-connection unit. In addition to three maximum operating pressures, the following options can be selected:
• Holder for fixing the pump at the press bed or with a base for good stability.
• Pressure gauge to display the pressure reached. Display range 0 to 100 / 120 or 400 bar.
• Adjusted overload protection (DBV) to protect the roller and ball bars against damage.

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