Wedge Clamp

Single acting for flat clamping edge


  • Safe clamping of dies with flat clamping edge
  • High operating safety due to clamping with spring force as well as inductive and visual position monitoring
  • Position monitoring on the left or right side
  • Clamping element with self-locking
  • No clamping edge bevels are required
  • Variable clamping edge heights (spacer plates)
  • Tolerance of clamping edge height ± 0.15 mm
  • The pressure of the machine hydraulics of 160 bar is sufficient for unclamping
  • Very sturdy and compact design
  • Housing with stainless coating
  • Flexible connecting possibilities
  • 4 hydraulic connections
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The single-acting wedge clamps are suitable for safe clamping of molds and dies with flat clamping edge in injection molding machines, punches and presses.

Max. clamp force (kN) 11
Pressure (bar) 200
Stroke (mm) 40
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