Rotating Module – Electrically Operated

Horizontal or Vertical axis - Max. load 450/1350 lbs


  • versions for horizontal or vertical axis
  • rotating in both directions
  • auto stop
  • self-locking in any position
  • long service life
  • checked in compliance with DIN EN 1570 with quadruple static overload



Foot switch                    Hand panel


M2.202 (2)

Rotating modules are used in assembly and handling processes to transform electrical energy into a rotating movement. The rotating module is designed for a long service life. The electronically commutated DC motor is virtually wear-free. The mechanical components and sealing elements are designed for 1,000,000 indexing cycles within the indicated load limits. The rotating modules – horizontal axis and vertical axis are nearly identical in construction, thus the axis alignment can be retrofitted for different applications.

The module is operated with touch control by means of an optionally available hand panel or foot switch with two push-buttons. It can safely stop in every angular position. An automatic stop is preset at all 90° positions. The zero position of the automatic stop can be preset to any position by pushing both pushbuttons.


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figure 1: rotating module DMH 200, with adaptor plate vertically mounted on a lifting module.