Pull Clamping Element with T-Slot



  • installation directly in the bed or in the ram
  • compact design
  • dies are easily adaptable
  • the bed and ram can also be used for manual clamping
  • ideal power transmission with centrally arranged clamping elements
  • optimum use of bed and ram surfaces
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The pull clamping element with a T-slot facilitates the standardization of dies using T-slot bars or T-nuts which are fastened to the die. The hydraulic oil is fed through the drilled holes in the mounting location or through fittings. The tie rod and the piston are hardened and ground, and the hydraulic system is protected against dirt by wiper rings.

T-Slot Size (mm) 18 22 28
Max. clamp force (kN) 55.2 76 144
Pressure (bar) 400 400 400
Stroke (mm) 6 6 6
Overall Diameter (mm) 100 115 150
Height (mm) 111 125 135
Weight (kg) 4.39 6.23 10.38
Part no. HCR-2354-050 Pull Clamp HCR-2355-050 Pull Clamp HCR-2356-050 Pull Clamp
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Pull clamping elements with T-slot installed in a press bed