Pivot and Pull Clamp

Double-acting, Max. 400 bar


  • 10 mm clamping stroke, therefore high adaptability to varying heights of clamping edges
  • high functional reliability ensured by position monitoring and an automatic cycle
  • the tie rod can be pivoted, therefore no collision edges when inserting the die
  • optimum utilization of the ram surface
  • easy and rapid installation
  • very suitable for retrofitting
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A control mechanism translates the stroke of the double acting piston into a tilting and lifting movement of the tie rod. For releasing the die, the tie rod pivots by 15°. The clamping force is transmitted to the clamping point in the axial direction of the tie rod. The clamping and unclamping positions are monitored by inductive proximity switches. Max. temperature: 85°C. Higher temperatures upon request.

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