Machine Vise KNC

mechanically/hydraulically operated


  • reversible step jaws
  • mechanical-hydraulic power transmission
  • clamping edge and 20 H7 reference keyway on the face for vertical clamping applications
  • clamping edge for clamping claws
  • longitudinal and crosswise keyways 20 H7
  • quick adjustment of the clamping range by socket pins
  • precision linear guide
  • universal use of nearly all new and existing ROEMHELD additional jaws as Standard, QIS, etc.
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KNC machine vice mechanical-hydraulic for tool making, mold making, construction of jigs and fixtures, and production.  The mechanical-hydraulic force transmission and the lead screw are integrated into the slide body and are fully encapsulated. Easy, user-friendly manual clamping using the crank handle. 6-stage clamping force selection and angle drive are available as optional extras which may be retrofitted. The steel base with minimum deformation equipped with hardened and ground guideways as well as the linear guide with almost no play of the slide guarantee maximum precision. Available in 3 jaw widths listed below:

max. clamping force:
KNC 100: 25 kN
KNC 125: 40 kN
KNC 160: 50 kN

Max. clamp force (kN) 25
Length (mm) 300
Height (mm) 90
Part no. CLR-9-3152-0131
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