Hoses and Couplers

For Connecting Clamping Elements

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High-pressure hoses NW4: The freely selectable hose lengths should be generously dimensioned, in order to avoid kinking, cha ng, torsion, pull and crushing loads as well as too tight bending radii. Hoses must be protected against hot chips. Bursting pressure: 2000 bar, minimum bending radius: 100 mm. For more information, see DIN 20066. Quick disconnect: The quick disconnect is a coupling in rugged design which closes as it is disconnected. Connection and disconnection is made in the unpressurized condition. The stop sleeve can be moved in either direction and thus allows easy one-hand operation. If there are several connection points, there is the risk of confusion. Coded quick disconnects: Coded quick disconnects have different colors and in addition they are provided with a pin inside the plug which only ts into the groove of the corresponding fitting. Thus, the risk of confusion is removed.

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