WZ 3.2280

Flexline Traveling Clamp

Modular Design


  • 8 different clamping elements, 4 different T-slots
  • 3 different travel lengths
  • drive motor and die position monitor attachable on left or right
  • easy to service, easily exchangeable modular assemblies ensure high availability of parts
  • technical arrangement and finished drawing in just a few minutes
  • no need for die standardization (width and depth)


NEW Flexline Industry 4.0-ready Rapid-Clamping System >


The electric motor driven chain moves the clamping element automatically from the parking position to the clamping position and back. The T-slot of the machine serves as the guide for the drive chain and clamping element. The drive chain also houses the hydraulic and electric lines for the clamping element.


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Electric interface; Hydraulic interface; Motor on right; Monitoring of die position S2 left; Monitoring of die position S2 right