Clamping Module – Hydraulic

Max. clamping force 2.5 KN


  • quicker and simpler clamping process
  • quick and easy retrofitting
  • optionally clamping module with clamps or swing clamps
  • complete sets including universal clamping plate
  • every point on the universal clamping plate is approachable with the clamping elements
  • easy handling for retrofitting due to universal clamping plate made of aluminum
  • easy fixing of the universal clamping plate on other modules by the modulog interface

The modulog clamping module consists of 2 clamping elements, which are connected by hydraulic hoses to a screw pump. For each clamping element a corresponding fixed stop can be positioned on the universal clamping plate. The universal clamping plate is provided with a grid for mounting of the clamping elements. This allows flexible positioning of the clamping elements for clamping of very different workpieces. Also the screw pump is fixed on the universal clamping plate. The universal clamping plate is equipped with a 140 x140 modulog interface in the centre, so that it can be easily mounted on other modules. Combined with modulog lifting or rotating modules the workpiece can be moved to the ergonomically ideal height or rotating position. The elements are also available as component parts. The kit contains the complete system, filled with hydraulic oil and bleeded, with screw pump kit and clamping elements.


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