ASH Automation Workholding Clamping System

hydraulic, mechanical, electrical operation


  • automated changing or adjustment of the fixture enables full and automated machining of the workpieces from first to last
    clamping operation.
  • stable, reproducible production processes
  • increased planning reliability for production
  • increase of workpiece quality
  • reduced scrap
  • machine runtime is not restricted by the number of pallets
  • cost per workpiece is reduced

The basic idea behind ROEMHELD’s automation solutions is to enable the universal automation of all production processes. From the loading of the workpiece through to the removal of the finished, machined part. Particular emphasis is placed on the automation of all changeover operations, including workpiece change, setting the clamping range, changing the clamping jaws, and changing the fixture. Thanks to the automation of these changeover operations, ROEMHELD automation solutions are not only suitable for large batch sizes. It is now possible to automatically change to other workpieces flexibly and cost-effectively.
Set-up costs are reduced which enables the cost-effective production of small batch sizes. The automated changing or adjustment of the fixture enables full and automated machining of the workpieces from first to last clamping operation. Further working steps such as deburring, washing, etc. can be integrated in the overall system. This ensures the complete benefits of full workpiece machining. Universal automation leads ultimately to a reduction in production costs and thus an increase in the productivity of the production processes, while at the same time providing increased flexibility and quality.


The robot – handling of the workpiece and fixture

A robot from a given manufacturer is responsible for handling the workpieces, changing the clamping jaws and changing fixtures.

Automated changing of clamping jaws

Clamping jaws can be changed automatically in ROEMHELD’s clamping systems. Hydraulic and mechanical changing systems can be used for this purpose. The process of automatically changing clamping jaws further reduces the machine idle time through the avoidance of manual operations and thus expands the application scope of the fixture.


Automated changing of fixtures
STARK zero point clamping systems are used to position and clamp the clamping fixtures on the machine table. Clamping and unclamping of the fixture are actuated hydraulically via a ROEMHELD clamping power unit whose control unit is connected to the robot controller. Coupling of the media connections is implemented automatically directly in the zero point clamping system. Blowing and cleaning of the contact surfaces is also automated. A STARK zero point clamping system can also be installed on the robot arm to accommodate and change clamping fixtures.


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