Air Powered Swing Clamps – Top Flange

100 psi max (Air)


  • double acting
  • available in five sizes
  • choice of clockwise or counterclockwise swing
  • clamping force at 100 psi with standard arm



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Air-operated version of our popular hydraulic Swing Clamps, for applications requiring light clamping force. Arm swings clear for easy loading, with a sturdy helical-cam mechanism. Arm can be mounted to start its 90° swing from any position within 360°. A standard magnetic piston allows monitoring of clamping and unclamping position. The top-flange version shown here allows low-profile built-in mounting, using either standard fittings or manifold mounting.
Available in five sizes, each with a choice of clockwise or counterclockwise swing. Clamping force at 100 psi with standard arm:
            31 lbs     (3 Series)
            83 lbs     (4 Series)
          126 lbs     (5 Series)
          200 lbs     (6 Series)
          310 lbs     (7 Series)
Design Considerations 
See Application Information for a typical air-connection example. Use an Air Check Valve between the air supply and the Air Clamping Valve to protect against pressure loss if the air supply fails. Always use a Filter/Regulator/Lubricator. For extended clamp life, install an Air Extractor Dryer before the Filter/Regulator/Lubricator. Swing motion must not be restricted in any way. Be sure to adjust the contact bolt so that the clamp completes its full swing stroke and starts its clamping stroke before contacting the workpiece. Do not use with hydraulic fluid.
Clamping Action 
Swing Clamps are pull-type cylinders where part of the total stroke is used to swing the piston, and the remaining stroke is available as the clamping range. Applying air pressure to the A (clamping) port swings arm 90° over workpiece then clamps down. Switching pressure to the B (unclamping) port positively lifts arm then swings it back 90° for loading/unloading.
Clamping Arm 
Order clamping arm separately – see clamping arm accessories. Standard clamping arm has a maximum allowable operating pressure of 100 psi. Longer clamping arms will reduce allowable operating pressure, inversely proportional to arm length.
Fasten to fixture plate with two socket-head cap screws. The threaded-body version (standard fittings) can alternatively be secured with one or two Lock Rings.
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All of these clamps have a magnetic piston as standard and are ready to accept position sensing. Standard side grooves provide convenient sensor mounting and adjustment. Order two CLR-3829-147-PM inductive proximity switches, and two CLR-3829-099-PM right-angle plugs with cable (PNP connection).