easy click

STARK easy click

push-in clamping process


• push-in clamping process
• 85 mm in diameter and only 19 mm high
• 5 kN clamping force – 10 kN holding force
• release with 3 – 8 bar of air pressure
• release time 0.1 sec.

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The new STARK easy click is a mechanical fast closing clamp that clicks in and stays in place without the supply of energy.Release is simply by means of an air connection at a pressure of 4–8 bar.

STARK easy click is used for cutting and non-cutting machining.

The mechanical clicking system makes STARK easy click ideal as a robot gripper in automation engineering. The quick clamping time (click) enables it to be used as a design element in production lines. The particularly compact design permits tight spacing, short retractable nipples 15 mm long ensure short extraction distances. Integrated query options and oil-free operation extend the range of applications. The STARK easy click is also available with system control, polling and blowing out.

Weight (kg) 0.62
Part no. SCR-7000-019
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