Low-Block Edge Clamps

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Clamps in the way of your tooling? 

Side clamping gives better tooling clearance where workholding from above is not possible or necessary. The low-clamping effect is caused by the downward motion of the clamping point. The average horizontal force component is 94%, and the downward force component is approximately 34% of the nominal clamping force. The high force guarantees that the workpieces are safely held down. The clamping lever is through hardened so that the shape of the clamping point can be adapted to the workpiece by regrinding.


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Part Number Push Force (kN) Stroke
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100 bar 500 bar
CLR-1371-010 1.7 8.5 8 68 50 32 0.9 CAD Buy Online
CLR-1373-010 4 20 10 90 60 40 1.15 CAD Buy Online
CLR-1374-010 8 40 10 96 80 50 2.1 CAD Buy Online



B1.372 Low-Block Clamping Cylinder
Low-Block Edge Clamps have a pivoting nose that grips the side of a workpiece, pushing forward and downward simultaneously. Ideal when clamping from above is difficult. These clamps sit low, but clamp high, just below the cutter path for maximum rigidity, to reduce vibration. Horizontal force is 94% of total force, while downward force is 34% of total force. The pivoting nose is designed to resist side forces at the clamping point. Nose cover keeps out chips and debris. Dual mounting capability: all clamps are ready for standard fittings and manifold mounting.
Available in three sizes. Clamping force at 7250 psi:
          1900 Lbs
          4500 Lbs
          9000 Lbs
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