Rotating and Tilting Manipulator


  • tilting (0…90°) and rotating (continuously) products of any shape around their centre of gravity!
  • ergonomic, space-saving and efficient handling of the component
  • low space requirement for integration in existing work/assembly areas
  • mobile and tilt resistant by movement and positioning of the workpiece near its centre of gravity
  • lowest drive performance of the low-noise electric drives (230V)
  • stable working/assembly positions by holding brakes
  • very clean operation – no leakages
  • drastic working / assembly time reduction
  • reduction of handling accidents resulting in costly downtimes
  • increased motivation of employees
  • integration in line and cycle assembly processes is possible (Industry 4.0)

Centrick is an innovative manipulator for optimum positioning workpieces in up to 3 axis. Two basic versions are available; A500 and A2000 for loads up to 500 kg or 2000 kg. The 90° tilting function is a standard feature, the rotating and lifting function can be optionally selected.


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