Block Cylinders w/ Adjustable Stroke End Cushioning

and optional stroke end control, max. operating pressure 500 bar


  • 7 sizes each with 3 stroke lengths available
  • compact block design
  • same dimensions as the block cylinders as per data sheet B 1.5094, except for total length
  • adjustable stroke end cushioning
  • unthrottled cylinder start from the stroke ends
  • optional stroke end control with pressure-resistant sensors
  • stroke end control adjustable up to 4 mm before the stroke end
  • multiple fixing possibilities
  • oil supply optionally with fittings or drilled channels
  • maintenance-free
  • FKM seals as an option

Block cylinder with stroke end cushioning help avoid a crash stop of the piston in the cylinder body in case of the following applications:
1. High piston speed.
2. Additional load at the piston rod.
3. An external stop to compensate for the additional load if not possible.

Just before the piston’s stroke end, the cushioning spigot enters into the cushioning disc and reduces the flow rate in the return line and the piston speed. The residual speed can be adjusted to certain limits by an adjustable flow control valve. If required, the stroke ends can be controlled by pressure-resistant sensors.


Important Notes: 

Block cylinders are short-stroke cylinders. In comparison to standard hydro-cylinders, the cushioning strokes are relatively short, thereby the cushioning capacity is limited. Please consider the limit values in the chart. The high-pressure resistant sensors are installed on the customer’s site in order to avoid transport damages.

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