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Your Ergonomic Modular Assembly Workstation of Tomorrow


Join us to learn how modular assembly workstations can increase throughput while decreasing injury.




Flexible Ergonomic Modular Workstations

Whether the workstation requires lifting, rotating, or tilting, the ROEMHELD modular system is scalable with interchangeable modules that can be configured to fit each individual assembly task for easy handling and assembly at the ideal ergonomic position.  


Mobile Solutions for Heavy Workpieces

Using ROEMHELD flexible modular workstations helps break down rigid processes without compromising safety or increasing physical strain and fatigue while assembling heavy workpieces.  The workstations allow your employees to work in an optimum posture increasing performance.


Safe Standardized Handling Operations

By standardizing the assembly and handling operations, the processes become safer, and the quality of the products is improved while also increasing the throughput.

In this webinar, you will gain an understanding of ergonomic working methods in assembly and see practical application examples of how you can achieve this with our modular combinations.