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Clamping Nut



  • Temperature resistance up to 248 °F
  • Safe clamping with visual clamping force display (optional)
  • High clamping force with low input torque
  • Easy to retrofit
  • The clamping nut has a through-hole so it can be adapted to different die clamp heights
  • No need for adaptation of the T-blot length
  • Easy clamping and unclamping by hand
  • Maintenance-free
  • High clamping force in a small space

ROEMHELD Hilma’s hydro-mechanical clamping nut is a hydraulic die-clamping solution that does not require a pump or hose. The manually torqued clamp has an indicator pin that extends to signal the operator when the clamp has reached its full clamping force. This clamping force is easily repeatable every time you clamp a die.

The ergonomic clamping nut provides high clamping force, between 3,300 and 33,000 lb f, with a low-input torque, between 7 and 30 ft  lb, reducing the operator’s time and risk of injury. A threaded through-hole makes it adaptable to various die clamping heights. The clamping nut is available with five clamping forces with inch and metric threads and is suitable for use on press beds, slides, and rolling bolsters. 

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