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Hilma’s magnetic clamping system’s long and square pole technology, or a combination of both, provide a consistent clamping force and safe sensor monitoring for the entire clamping cycle. The flexible systems M-TECS 130 (max 264°F) and M-TECS 210 (max 450°F), offer quick change of different size molds in just three to five minutes. Hilma Systems are universally adaptable and permit safe, rapid change-over to new production lots. The systems provide a high degree of clamping force control, enabling just-in-time (JIT) production.Other advantages include increased uptime, reduced labor,  faster turnaround and reduced inventory.






Mold Handling

Die handling, e.g. roller bars, ball bars, ball inserts, carrying consoles and die carts. Everything for a convenient and safe die change.
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Magnetic Clamping Systems

Magnetic clamping systems, especially designed for injection molding presses, rubber presses, die casting machines and metal forming presses. Thermal stability up to 240° C. No need to standardize die sizes and die clamping edges.
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Hydraulic Clamping Elements (Adjustable)

Hydraulic clamping elements, which are positioned by moving them in T-slots provided on the press/machine. Ideal for retrofitting without the need to standardise die widths. For example hollow piston cylinders, sliding clamps, clamping systems and pusher chains, adjusting spindles or pneumatic cylinders.
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Hydraulic Clamping Elements (Stationary)

Hydraulic clamping elements, which are installed in a fixed position, e.g. on press beds of machines. Compact and well-proved clamping elements with maximum clamping forces, e.g. wedge clamps, clamping bars, double-T bars, spring clamping cylinders, extending clamps, wedge swing clamps, pivot and pull clamps.   View Catalog – Section 2
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