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ROEMHELD manufactures highly engineered Quick Mold Change solutions used to speed up your mold change. The systems are suited for small or large presses and a range of temperatures. They provide safe and reliable clamping to secure the mold during the production cycle. Clamp systems are available in magnetic, hydraulic, mechanical, or electro-mechanical.

Quick Mold Change solutions also include a variety of handling solutions to aid in the moving of the model during the changeover. This includes die lifters and roller bars, carrying consoles, and carts. 




Magnetic Clamping Systems

ROEMHELD magnetic clamping systems, M-TECS 130 and M-TECS 210 are the industry leaders in holding force, safety, and reliability They are specially designed for injection molding presses, rubber presses, die casting machines, and metal forming presses, and are suitable on all horizontal and vertical machines. For processing molding elastomers or thermosets, a higher temperature M-TECS…
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Hydraulic Clamping Elements (Stationary)

ROEMHELD stationary hydraulic clamping elements are installed in a fixed position, e.g. on press beds of machines. These products are compact and well-proven clamping elements with maximum clamping forces. Included in this section are wedge clamps, clamping bars, double-T bars, spring clamping cylinders, extending clamps, wedge swing clamps, pivot, and pull clamps. View Catalog –…
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Hydraulic Clamping Elements (Adjustable)

ROEMHELD hydraulic clamping elements, which are positioned by moving them in T-slots provided on the press/machine. Ideal for retrofitting without the need to standardize die widths. For example hollow piston cylinders, sliding clamps, clamping systems and pusher chains, adjusting spindles or pneumatic cylinders.
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Mold Handling

ROEMHELD mold handling solutions include die handling equipment, e.g. roller bars, ball bars, ball inserts, carrying consoles and die carts. Find everything for a convenient and safe die change here.
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