Wedge Swing Clamp

Double-acting, with mechanical lock


  • clamping stroke up to 9.5 mm, therefore high adaptability to different clamping edge heights
  • high functional reliability ensured by a mechanical lock, position monitoring and automatic cycle
  • only 2 hydraulic ports
  • very suitable for retrofit to press bed and slide
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A wedge converts the stroke of the double-acting piston into a stroke of the tie rod. In order to release the die, the tie rod pivots by a maximum of 15°. The swing movement of the tie rod is performed by a separate swivel cylinder which is actuated by sequence valves. The clamping force is transmitted to the clamping point in the axial direction of the tie rod. The clamping and unclamping positions are monitored by inductive proximity switches. The mechanically locked wedge prevents unintentional unclamping of the die even if there is a loss of pressure.

Max. clamp force (kN) 50 100
Pressure (bar) 240 280
Stroke (mm) 8 10
Length (mm) 254 307
Width (mm) 120.5 125
Height (mm) 186 248.5
Part no. HCR-4607-000 Wedge Clamp HCR-4607-001 Wedge Clamp
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Retrofit – Retrofitting to existing preses can be achieved using an intermediate flange

Hydraulic diagram; Pressure switches trip at 100 bar, if the tie rod has not yet performed the swing-in movement