Wedge Clamp

With position monitoring (rear side fastening)


  • available in sizes between 25 kN and 630 kN
  • high functional reliability ensured by position monitoring and an automatic cycle
  • rugged and well-proven clamping element with high degree of safety and long service life
  • position monitoring available in 3 versions: compact, long and high temperature.
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Wedge clamp with adjustable electronic position monitoring, rear side fastening.

Inductive proximity switches installed in the flanged housing. The proximity switches are activated by a trip cam which is connected to the piston rod. The switches can be displaced in a slot. The housing can be turned through 180 degrees.

Position Monitoring is available in 3 versions:
– as a compact version for M8 Plug (A)
– as a rugged long version for M12 plug (B)
– as a version for high temperature (C)

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