Tower Clamping System SCT

mechanically or hydraulically operated


  • clamping against fixed jaw
  • clamping of 3 or 4 workpieces with standard jaws
  • mechanically or hydraulically operated
  • jaw widths 80 and 120 mm
  • large jaw openings and high flexibility due to an extensive range of clamping jaws
  • the highest stability by design as a monoblock
  • optimum protection against contamination
  • process-safe application of clamping force, also when using grip jaws
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SCT tower workholding systems are used on horizontal machining centers, in vertical machining in connection with 4th axis, but also on 5-axis machining centers. They have a mechanical (with torque wrench) or hydraulic (with power unit) operation. The applications range from manually equipped machines to pallet stations and fully automated systems. The stability of the clamping systems and the high retention force due to the use of the special grip reversible jaw with hard metal coating makes pre-embossing of the workpieces superfluous.

Tower workholding systems of the SCT series have a very compact design. Thanks to the adjusting spindle arranged in the upper part of the housing, deformation in the base during clamping is reduced. All essential components are made of steel. Customized versions of the SCT can also be delivered, for example in different lengths, with individual mounting holes or with holes for a zero-point clamping system. Available in the three sizes shown below, with the following jaw widths:

SCT 80
Jaw width: 80 mm
Clamping force: 25 kN at 60 Nm
Clamping stroke: 59 mm
Max. jaw opening: 165 mm
SCT 80 H
Jaw width: 80 mm
Clamping force: 21 kN at 300 bar
Clamping stroke: 4 mm
Max. jaw opening: 165 mm
SCT 120
Jaw width: 120 mm
Clamping force: 40 kN at 100 Nm
Clamping stroke: 70 mm
Max. jaw opening: 210 mm

Max. clamp force (kN) 25
Stroke (mm) 59
Height (mm) 279
Type Jaw Width 80
Part no. CLR-9-5572-0101
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