Threaded-Body Work Supports with Long Shaft

For Low-Pressure Hydraulic Systems


  • Fluid advanced
  • single Acting
  • available in one size
  • load capacity at 1000 psi
  • highly corrosion-resistant with a stainless steel plunger and internal components
  • metallic wiper and FKM wiper


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This series of threaded-body work supports provides considerable load capacity at lower hydraulic pressures, allowing direct connection to the low-pressure hydraulic system of a machine tool. The unique version shown here has a 16mm-diameter shaft extension (20, 30, 40, or 50mm long) which allows supporting surfaces in recesses and cavities that otherwise would be inaccessible.
Work Supports automatically adjust to the proper height for supporting a workpiece, then lock securely to become fixed rests. Fluid-advanced Work Supports provide extra loading clearance and are ideal for workpieces that are too light to depress a spring-loaded plunger. These Threaded-Body Work Supports are amazingly compact. Manifold mounting capability allows space-saving low-height installation. Highly corrosion resistant with stainless steel plunger and internal components. Metallic wiper and FKM wiper together provide excellent protection against dirt and coolant entry. Hardened contact bolt furnished.
Available in one size, with the following load capacity at 1000 psi:
            670 Lbs
Support Action:

Plunger is normally retracted for clear workpiece loading and unloading. Applying fluid pressure gently advances the plunger to the workpiece, where it contacts with light spring force. As fluid pressure increases, the precision sleeve grips the plunger, locking it securely. The plunger retracts again when pressure is released.

Locking height is repeatable within +/-.0002″. Such excellent repeatability is possible because of two design features: 1) a precision sliding-fit pressure sleeve holds the plunger absolutely vertical even while unlocked, avoiding any inaccuracy due to locking a tilted plunger, and 2) locking force is entirely radial, so the plunger remains absolutely stationary during the locking process.
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