Swivel and Pull Clamp



  • very suitable for retrofit
  • compact design
  • optimum utilization of bed and slide surface as there are no parts protruding when inserting the die
  • die clamping in barely accessible positions
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Swivel and pull clamping element, double-acting with 90° swivelling angle. The clamping element consists of a hollow piston cylinder and a swivel cylinder. The clamping position is pneumatically monitored. Monitoring by inductive proximity switches is also a possible option.

T-Slot Size (mm) 18
Max. clamp force (kN) 30.4
Pressure (bar) 400
Stroke (mm) 30
Hydraulic Connection G 1/8
Length (mm) 68
Width (mm) 100
Height (mm) 175
Weight (kg) 3.20
Part no. HCR-1833-010 Swivel-Pull Clamp w/ Pnuematic Position Monitoring
Part no. HCR-1833-013 Swivel-Pull Clamp w/ Inductive Position Monitoring
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Hydraulic diagram