Swing Clamp



  • clamping stroke up to 13 mm, which means high adaptability to varying heights of clamping edges
  • position monitoring and an automatic cycle ensure high operational reliability
  • central operation of all clamping elements
  • variable length of tie rod
  • shock-resistant up to a max. ram acceleration of 12 g
  • suitable for retrofit and for installation in original equipment
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The rotation of the motor is converted into a swinging movement and a stroke of the tie rod by the exspine gear, the lead screw and the control pin. The tie rod swings out by max. 15¡. The clamping force is transmitted to the clamping point in the axial direction of the tie rod. The clamping force and the clamping and unclamping positions are monitored by inductive proximity switches. The clamping force is maintained by mechanical self-locking.

Max. clamp force (kN) 70 120 160
Motor voltage 460 460 460
Stroke (mm) 19 22.5 25
Length (mm) 130 160 180
Width (mm) 130 160 180
Height (mm) 409 522 602
Part no. HCR-8.2653.0101 Swing Clamp HCR-8.2655.0101 Swing Clamp HCR-8.2656.0101 Swing Clamp
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Electromechanical swing clamps mounted on a double-column press.