STARK connect

double-action pneumatic w/ clamping force boost


  • Compact design with high clamping forces
  • Integrated electronic sensors give feedback of the clamped, unclamped and incorrectly clamped states
  • Double-action pneumatic system with clamping force boost
  • Easy to maintain – straightforward installation and cleaning
  • Clamping mechanism can move sideways (e.g. temperature variation)
  • Active insertion force for optimal contact
  •  Equalising possible via fast closing clamp or via retractable nipple
    • Tolerance range with retractable nipple AG ± 0.05 mm / OZ ± 0.2 mm
    • Tolerance range with fast closing clamp ± 0.75 mm


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The SPEEDY connect series is a Zero Point Mounting System that are fast closing clamps made of high-quality tool steel and a housing made of anodized, high-strength aluminum with very low space requirements due to compact external dimensions. The system is clamped mechanically using springs, the force is boosted pneumatically and the system also released pneumatically. The SPEEDY connect is self-locking due to the integrated spring assembly.

Weight (kg) 1.8
Part no. SCR-9000-003
Part no. SCR-9000-002
Part no. SCR-9000-001
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