Sliding Clamp

Mechanical with integral high-pressure spindle


  • temperature resistance up to 250°C
  • high clamping force with low torque
  • compensates for large clamping edge tolerances
  • no colliding edges, smooth die positioning
  • no need for die standardization (width and depth)
  • self-locking by patented wedge system
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The sliding clamp is manually placed in the T-slots and screwed against the die clamping edge. Once the high-pressure spindle has been adjusted to suit the height of the clamping edge, the clamping force is built up by turning the hexagon nut (SW 1) in a clockwise direction. The clamping force achieved, depends on the tightening of the torque selected with the torque wrench.

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Mechanical sliding clamps fastened to a machine bed.