Slide Pivot Clamps – Mini

5000 psi max


  • available in one clamp size
  • clamping force at 5000 psi
  • extremely small base area
  • all units are ready for optional position sensing


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Lever arm slides forward for extra reach as it pivots into clamping position. Rugged design provides high force with excellent protection against flood coolant, chips, and welding spatter. Extremely small base area. Lever arm is designed to resist side forces at the clamping point. Dual mounting capability: all clamps are ready for standard fittings and manifold mounting. All units are ready for optional position sensing.

Available in one clamp size, with the following clamping force at 5000 psi:
          2200 Lbs
Clamping Action 
Applying fluid pressure to the A (clamping) port advances the piston, which causes the clamping arm to slide forward in its side slots as it pivots. Switching pressure to the B (unclamping) port positively retracts the piston and the attached clamping arm.
Design Considerations 
The clamping lever must complete its full sliding pivot motion and start its downward clamping stroke before contacting the workpiece. In conditions with excessive chips, the sliding slots may need to be cleaned occasionally.
Mounting & Fluid Supply 

Choice of low mounting or high mounting, using either standard fittings or manifold mounting: 1) for low mounting, install cylindrical base in a bored hole, then fasten housing to base plate with two socket-head cap screws; 2) for high mounting, fasten optional intermediate plate to base plate with two socket-head cap screws, then fasten clamp to the intermediate plate with two socket-head cap screws. Tighten cap screws to recommended torque in table.

Two 1/8″ BSPP ports, A for clamping, B for unclamping. For optional manifold mounting, use the A and B manifold ports underneath the clamp by unscrewing the sealing plugs and installing two CLR-9210-132-F Connecting Inserts (also install two CLR-811-F Port Plugs in the 1/8″ BSPP ports). Do not use NPT fittings.
Optional Position Sensoring 
All units are ready to install position sensing. Proximity switches can be installed in either the right or left side. Order two CLR-3829-198-PM inductive proximity switches, and two CLR-3829-099-PM right-angle push plugs with cable. For pneumatic position sensing, order two CLR-3612-033-PM pneumatic jets.
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