Hollow Piston Cylinder

Short-stroke, single-acting


  • flat and compact design
  • steady piston movement
  • stroke limited even with max. working pressure
  • rapid and easy retrofit
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This cylinder is suitable for clamping mechanical clamping bars on die bending and folding presses. The clamping force is built up by applying pressure to the piston and the piston is returned by a spring which is installed in the clamping bar. The piston is provided with a through hole and is hardened and ground. For an optimum adaptation to the clamping surface, the hollow piston cylinder may be provided with a spherical washer.

Max. clamp force (kN) 22 54
Pressure (bar) 400 400
Stroke (mm) 2.5 3
Overall Diameter (mm) 50 80
Height (mm) 33 46
Weight (kg) 0.40 1.35
Part no. HCR-1830-011 Clamp without spring HCR-1830-012 Clamp without spring
Accessory No. HCR-5700-028 Spherical Washer HCR-5700-029 Spherical Washer
Accessory No. HCR-5700-031 Pull-back spring HCR-5700-032 Pull-back spring
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Clamping of a form tool using a short-stroke hollow piston cylinder and a mechanical flat clamping bar