Tilting Module – load balanced

Max. load 250 lbs


  • rotating in both directions
  • Easy tilting and fixing of components in

    angle positions 0° and 90°

  • compensation of the tilting torques
  • pneumatic balancer and brake cylinder

  • locking of individual tilting positions 0°/90°

  • suitable for table mounting

  • easily combined with other modulogs

  • can be combined with rotating module – vertical axis
  • can be combined with lifting modules M4.XXX



Manual                                     Foot pedal







The tilting module KMB 100 with pedaloperated indexing offers the possibility of easy manual tilting of heavy components by ± 90° and their reliable fixing. The tilting module is equipped with a pneumatic balancer that compensates almost completely generated torques during tilting. Therefore only little forces are required for tilting of the component part.


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Tilting module KMB 100 – mounted on lifting module Shop-Floor