Robust Swing Clamps
Top Flange

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  • 5 sizes available
  • high clamping force at low pressures
  • sturdy swing mechanism
  • insensitive against high flow rates
  • double-acting only
  • choice of clockwise, counterclockwise, or zero° swing
  • screw counterbores coverable
  • position monitoring available in six variants
  • hydraulic and pneumatic ports integrated into the flange
  • 5000 psi max
B1.853 Robust Swing Clamps – Top Flange

Swing Clamps utilize a sturdy helical-cam mechanism to swing the clamping arm clear for unrestricted loading. The Robust Swing Clamps shown here are compact, economical, heavy-duty clamps with a reinforced swing mechanism and a heavier clamping arm to exert high clamping force in relation to clamp size – especially important at lower operating pressures (450 to 5000 psi operating range). Robust Swing Clamps are also ideal when using longer, heavier custom arms. An integral flow-control orifice allows using high-flow-rate power sources without separate flow restrictors. Arm can be mounted to start its 90° swing from any position within 360°. The top-flange version shown here allows low-profile mounting, using either standard fittings or manifold mounting.


Available in five clamp sizes, double-acting only, with a choice of clockwise, counterclockwise, or zero° swing. Available with 45° and 60° swing angles by special order. Clamping force at 5000 psi with a Standard Clamping Arm:


1300 lbs     (3 series)

1850 lbs     (4 series)

3300 lbs     (5 series)

4800 lbs     (6 series)

6700 lbs     (7 series)


Clamping Action 

Swing Clamps are pull-type cylinders where part of the total stroke is used to swing the piston, and the remaining stroke is available as the clamping range. Applying fluid pressure to the A (clamping) port swings arm 90° over workpiece then clamps down. Switching pressure to the B (unclamping) port positively lifts arm then swings it back 90° for loading/unloading.


Reinforced Swing Mechanism 

Reinforced swing mechanism ensures positive arm position. The safety-clutch mechanism normally incorporated into our swing clamps is omitted in this design. In case the workpiece hits the clamping arm during loading, the angular position of the swing-clamp arm will be exactly maintained. Using a longer, heavier clamping arm will also not declutch the swing arm and affect arm position.


Mounting and Fluid Supply 

    standard fittings                             manifold mountings

Dual mounting capability allows any clamp to be mounted using standard fittings or manifold mounting. Two 1/4″ BSPP ports. For optional manifold mounting, use the O-ring ports underneath, instead of the standard ports. Do not use NPT fittings. For manifold mounting, the mounting surface must be ground flat to ensure proper O-ring sealing. Fasten clamp with four socket-head cap screws.


Clamping Arms 

Order clamping arm separately – see clamping accessories.  The maximum allowable operating pressure is 5000 psi. Longer, custom clamping arms will reduce allowable operating pressure, inversely proportional to arm length. Optionally, the clamping arm can be positively keyed to the piston rod in a fixed 90° position by inserting an indexing pin (order separately).

Optional Position Monitoring

An accessory unit for pneumatic position control is available to monitor that the Swing Clamp is in “clamped” position. This simple, reliable unit consists of a stainless steel housing with a spring-loaded control tappet. To operate the tappet, a control bracket must be attached to the rear of the clamping arm. This bracket must be adjusted so that it first contacts the tappet during the downward clamping stroke, after the full swing stroke, at a height where it will not bottom out on the housing at full clamping stroke. When the clamping arm reaches “clamped” position, the pressure control is closed and the pressure built up at the pneumatic port can be evaluated with a differential pressure switch. Parallel connection of up to three controls is possible with a single differential switch.

Optional Metallic Wiper 

This optional, additional wiper protects the FKM wiper against physical damage, e.g. by hot chips. These Swing Clamps are ready for mounting the metallic wiper, which consists of a radially floating wiping disk and a retaining disk that is pressed onto the existing collar. Clamps can be ordered with the metallic wiper already installed, or the metallic wiper can be ordered separately.


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