Rectangular style for ASA t-slots


  • Modular design provides quick delivery
  • Each roller provides linear movement
  • Rolling resistance is 1-3% of the die weight
  • Each roller is a prelubricated cam roller bearing mounted in a common block
  • Rollblock can be secured with the included plate retainer or with pins mounted in the base of the T-slot


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The RH rollblock consists of a bar with rollers, mounted in the upper channel. When pressurized the internal pistons push down against the bottom of the T-slot, lifting the roller assembly and die. Recommended operating pressure is 3,000 psi. Pressure range is 1,000 to 5,800 psi maximum. A safety circuit relief set for 10% over the operating pressure, must be included to prevent pressure intensification caused by rollblock overload. See the pump Section 7 of this catalog for pumps or valve packages. Rollblocks for 22, 28, and 36mm Metric T-slots sizes also available.

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Lead-in chamfer to prevent the first roller from damage

Top of Bolster