Rapid Clamping System

With pneumatic cylinder (pneumatic traveling clamp)


  • robust and cost-effective system for short travel lengths
  • easy installation using standard clamping elements
  • No modification to the press ram is required for installation
  • rapidly adjust to various die sizes

Low-cost rapid clamping system for short travel lengths. In this version, standard clamping elements are moved by means of a pneumatic cylinder. The pneumatic positioning drive fits completely into a T-slot, therefore the positioning cylinder can be positioned upstream or downstream of the clamping element. The positioning drive is fastened in the T-slot using a wedge lock without the need to modify the press ram. Interrogation of the unclamping and clamping positions is carried out using inductive magnetic sensors on the pneumatic cylinder.

Document Title Language File Type

Sliding clamp single-acting with a max. clamping force of 78 kN

Angular clamping element single-acting with a max. clamping force of 66 kN