Machine Vise NC

mechanically operated w/ hydraulic force transmission


  • steel base resistant to deformation
  • hydraulic force transmission
  • hardened and ground guideways
  • extensive range of jaws
  • easy clamping range adjustment by quick socket pin adjustment
  • angle drive or clamping force preselection can be retrofitted (accessories)
  • optional clamping force display
  • minimum set-up times
  • tapped hole in the fixed jaw for workpiece stop
  • clamping edge for clamping claws
  • quick cleaning by simple removal of the slide
  • longitudinal and crosswise keyways 20 H7 for quick positioning in accordance with NC requirements
  • different overall lengths for optimum adaptation to the machine table and the interfering edges in the machining center

NC vises are available in hydromechanical or fully hydraulic versions, in three jaw widths, with an optional clamp force indicator. The vises deliver a high 0.0004″ repeatability, and clamping forces from 5600 lb to 14,000 lb. Available in 3 jaw widths listed below:

NC 100
Jaw width: 100 mm
Clamping force: 25 kN
NC 125
Jaw width: 125 mm
Clamping force: 40 kN
NC 160
Jaw width: 160 mm
Clamping force: 50 kN

The optional clamping force display allows a continuous and precise clamping force application.  The high-precision reproducibility of the clamping forces guarantees a maximum possible repetitive accuracy of the clamping processes. Furthermore, the clamping force display ensures a high degree of safety even when using grip jaws due to the permanent clamping and system control.


CNC Machine Vise Comes with Free Precision Quick-Change Jaw Set for a Limited Time! Special bundled pricing! Carr Lane Roemheld has bundled the pricing of its popular NC vises to introduce its new CARVESMART™ jaw set. (NC vises remain at the standard price.) Customers will simply add “-VS” to the end of the part number, and the CARVESMART™ precision jaw set will be provided free for a limited time. The patented CARVESMART™ Quick Change Vise Jaw System is a complete package of dovetailed jaws for production and toolroom vises that are accurately changed in seconds. CARVESMART™ extruded aluminum soft jaws can be saw cut to any length. he limited-time free offer is a bundled set that includes a precision NC vise with clamping force gauge, a precision adjustable workpiece stop, a CARVESMART™ steel master jaw set, a blank aluminum jaw set, and mounting claws. .

Download a CARVESMART™ brochure!



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