Machine Vise EL



  • steel base resistant to deformation
  • hydraulic force transmission
  • hardened and ground guideways
  • extensive range of jaws
  • easy clamping range adjustment by quick socket pin adjustment
  • angle drive or clamping force preselection can be retrofitted (accessories)
  • minimum set-up times
  • tapped hole in the fixed jaw for workpiece stop
  • clamping edge for clamping claws
  • quick cleaning by simple removal of the slide

Workholding systems EL are used in vertical machining for die, mold, and fixture construction.The workholding systems EL can be quickly adapted to various clamping ranges because of their socket pin adjustment. Thanks to the hydraulic force transmission, the desired clamping force is achieved with a minimum effort on the crank handle. The workholding system can be easily and quickly cleaned by pulling out the socket pin and removing the clamping slide from the base. Jaw widths come in the below sizes:

max. clamping force:
EL 100: 25 kN
EL 125: 40 kN
EL 160: 50 kN
EL 160L (with angle drive): 50 kN



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