B 1.590

Hydraulic Block Cylinders w/ Tube

optionally with stroke end cushioning and stroke end control


  • diverse fixing possibilities
  • tenon slot
  • oil supply through fittings or drilled channels with O-ring sealing
  • piston rod hardened and chromium-plated
  • piston rod sealing with minimum leakage
  • standard FKM seals
  • piston stroke up to 1200 mm
  • adjustable stroke end cushioning on request
  • stroke end control can be retrofitted with high-pressure resistant sensors

The hydraulic block cylinders combine the advantages of two series

  • Hydraulic cylinders with long strokes and optional stroke end cushioning,
  • Block cylinders with diverse fixing and oil supply possibilities and optional stroke end control.

The two-cylinder blockheads are connected by an HP tube, in which the piston is guided. The HP tube and the chromium-plated piston rod material are cut goods, which allows the manufacturing of any piston strokes in a very short time. The hydraulic block cylinder can be delivered with and without adjustable stroke end cushioning. High-pressure resistant sensors are available for the stroke end control, which are selected according to the cylinder size and temperature.


Connecting and Fixing Options 

Oil supply through high-pressure hoses or tubes Oil supply through drilled channels Fixing at the front or at the bottom with oil supply through high-pressure
hoses or tubes


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