Machine Vise Tower Clamping System TS

mechanically operated, with 3rd hand function


  • 2 sizes for optimum design to the machining center
  • clamping of 4, 8 or 16 workpieces with standard jaws
  • clamping of different workpiece dimensions also on one side
  • mechanical build-up of the clamping force
  • easy and safe operation
  • large jaw openings and high flexibility due to an extensive range of clamping jaws
  • the highest stability by design as a monoblock
  • optimum protection against contamination and wear through patented guidance and sealing
  • process-safe application of clamping force, also when using grip jaws
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TS tower workholding systems are used on horizontal machining centers, in vertical machining in connection with 4th axis, but also on 5-axis machining centers. The applications range from manually equipped machines to pallet stations and fully automated systems. The patented guidance and sealing principle work without any delicate sheet metal covers or plastic wipers. The design as a monoblock, without interfaces to individually screwed workholding systems, stands for high stability and high accuracy. The centrally arranged fixed jaw as a central jaw is without load and thus absolutely zero point stable. The workpieces are positioned close to each other, reducing the travel paths of the machining center to a minimum. The purely mechanical operation enables clamping also with low and always reproducible clamping forces. These characteristics turn the tower workholding systems TS into a flexible standard fixture for a wide variety of applications in modern production.


Version with 3rd-hand function
The operation is made with only one spindle per clamping side. The upper and lower clamping jaw are operated together by means of a spindle and clamp against a fixed central jaw or a fixed jaw arranged on one side. The integrated 3rd-hand function enables to only hold the lower workpiece by operating
the spindle. Only after the insertion of the second workpiece above and operating again the spindle, both workpieces are clamped as defined.

Version Vector in 2 variants
Variant 1: central jaw as fixed jaw
Variant 2: 2 x fixed jaw
The operation is made with two spindles per clamping side. The 3rd-hand function is omitted. The Vector versions are particularly suitable for clamping of high workpiece weights ( > 15 kg). When used as double workholding the system, the upper and lower clamping points can be pressurized with different clamping forces.

Max. clamp force (kN) 25
Height (mm) 562
Type mechanical
Part no. CLR-9-3365-0202
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