Hollow Piston Cylinder

Single-acting, with spring return


  • flat and compact design
  • steady piston movement
  • stroke limited even with max. working pressure
  • rapid and easy retrofit
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The Hollow-piston cylinder is for the press bed and ram, in connection with tie rods, screws, and threaded rods, for clamping and locking dies on presses and machines.

It can be attached, screwed, or flange-mounted in any position. The clamping force is built up by applying pressure to the piston and the piston is returned by a spring. The piston is provided with a through-hole and is hardened and ground. The housing is made from heat-treated steel and its surface is burnished.

The Hollow Piston Cylinder is part of the ROEMHELD Quick Die Change System solutions and helps manufacturers accomplish their goals in shortening die change time and making facilities more productive and profitable. To survive in today’s competitive worldwide market, manufacturers are reducing inventory costs by running smaller batch sizes and making shorter production runs. One way to maximize press uptime in an environment like this is to implement faster more effective die changes.

T-Slot Size (mm) 18 22 28 36
Max. clamp force (kN) 34.8 54 84 137.2
Pressure (bar) 400 400 400 400
Stroke (mm) 12 12 15 15
Hydraulic Connection G 1/4 G 1/4 G 1/4 G 1/4
Overall Diameter (mm) 60 80 100 120
Height (mm) 76 76 97 97
Weight (kg) 1.30 2.20 4.20 6.10
Part no. HCR-1323-003 Clamp with spring HCR-1325-003 Clamp with spring HCR-1327-003 Clamp with spring HCR-1329-003 Clamp with spring
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Hollow piston cylinder